Thirty Years On and a little Gravity

I had a wonderful time this past Saturday getting reacquainted with old high school friends at my 30 year reunion.  Gosh how time has passed!  You wonder where thirty years have gone, and while young the prospect of thirty years in the future was almost unfathomable.  But surprise, here I am.  I’m so glad we’ve made it, and no sirree, I wouldn’t change a thing-except maybe I’d eat less (if I could go back in time and offload to myself a wealth of practical wisdom it would be, “Keep your mouth closed”.)  But, I’m working on that, and what I can honestly say is here, in the now, at the sweet age of 48 I am happy.   I am healthy and surging with ideas and possibilities for my future.  With the exception of the effects of gravity, all is well.  And for that, a song to commemorate the physical changes we’ve all endured to get where we are now.

I can hardly wait for the next reunion in five years, but honestly, it seems like forever between now and then.  Funny, it seems unfathomable,  just like it felt back in high school.  I’ll see you then…Oh, and if I can quote the song, “Gravity….stay the hell away from me.”  😉

Me with some vintage high school friends. We look great, don't we?

8 thoughts on “Thirty Years On and a little Gravity”

  1. Awww…I loved reading this and that photo is oh so sweet. I loved the high school reunion I attended and wanted it to go on forever. There are so few times in life when we get to step back to yesterday.


    1. Hey Emily,
      Thanks for putting the photo out there. I was so bummed that I couldn’t make the reunion this year Our oldest dog has been battling cancer. He took a turn for the worst on Saturday and we had to say goodbye to him early Sunday morning. Your picture made me smile and brought back a ton of memories from the hallways of Curie. Can’t wait to see you guys in 5 year! The hell with gravity……you guys all look awesome!!

      Lori Matela


      1. Hey Lori! I’m so sorry your dog passed…omgoodness, I love mine so much I can’t even imagine how it’s gonna feel the day I have to do that. I feel sad you had to go thru that. Lori are you still in Ken’s band? I know about you because Steve Sparks is dating one of my closest friends, Cindy. We can’t wait 5 years to get together, let’s go for lunch or dinner with some of the girls soon! There’s no reason why we have to wait. Heck, I found out on Saturday that one of the twins, Anita (Wyglenda) lives in my subdivision and I never knew it! I’m thinking of seeing if Kathy (O’Connor) and some of the other gals who were there on Saturday want to go out for a little dinner and catch up time. Are you in? Hey, one more thing….I still talk to Mr. Erklin! He’s awesome. Every time I post a photo of one of paintings he sends me a grade through email! I love that guy…he’s really my favorite teacher. So glad he’s still around to email.


    2. I know isn’t it a wonder to go back and see everyone. We’ve all changed and sometimes you have to look longer and closer at someone’s face to see that old familiar face, but eventually it comes to you who it really is. That’s the gravity thing. But it’s all good. I had a fantastic time. My grammar school group is also really good with doing regular reunions and staying in touch with each other . We have a special bond it seems.


    1. Thanks for stopping in Rita…and yes, five years is unfathomable. Let’s get together with Lori and the other gals for dinner and catch up…and let’s do it soon! I’ll try to arrange it. Are you in?


  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for sharing the picture of the awesome looking ladies and guy! You all look great! Wish I could have been there.

    Connie Paslaski (Michalik)


    1. We missed you Connie. I hear your husband isn’t doing well…I’ll keep him in my prayers. We are planning a 35th year class of ’77 reunion tentatively for Feb 2012. I will keep you posted with info and hope to see you there. Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I love it.


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