My weird, weepy and (kinda) wonderful week…

*Last Friday I woke up to the harsh realization that my refrigerator had bought the farm.  The compressor was broken, and it died during the unlucky 13th year of its ‘life’.  I had to go out on Saturday with my son and get a new one and haul it home…what fun.  Although it cost some money I didn’t really have, it is nice to have a shiny new fridge.  (I love it).

*This week my dryer also stopped working.  I have yet to call in my appliance repair guy to have it fixed.  I think appliance catastrophes are like death-they come in threes.  My garage door opener bit the dust about 10 days ago.

*I started and finished a painting of a dove-which I love.

*This all happened very fast, but I spontaneously applied for a job last week, got interviewed and hired  and started the job in what was like 4 days. It was not a glamorous job at all.  It was a minimum wage gig  that involved phone work for a market research company.  I tried it for one day and realized it wasn’t for me. My husband tried to warn me it wasn’t something I should take, but I didn’t listen. Thank goodness I don’t desperately need a job.  I would have hated to be stuck with this job because I had to get a job quick.  I  feel so sorry for people who are working at jobs they absolutely dread going to.

*In that one day of working as a phone solicitor, I realized

1.How lucky I am to be able to stay home and take care of my family.

2. That I really need to write my resume and get my self out there in the art world.  I need to find a ‘creative’ job.  I have a college degree, for goodness sakes.

3.  I think I would rather do without things than go to work at a job I hate just to be able to afford them.

*Had to perform a mercy killing on a mortally injured mourning dove my cat Charlie had ambushed and attacked in our willow tree.  He brought it to our front porch and raced inside with it in his mouth.  I was just terribly saddened by the sorry state the poor thing was in.  Charlie had bitten its tail feather’s and butt completely off and it’s insides were exposed.  I knew it was going to die, and I could only imagine the horrific pain it was in, poor sweet bird.  I had to put it out of its misery.  It took everything I had inside me to end it’s life.  I cried for 2 hours.

* Ironically, after I took care of the bird, I got to thinking about my dove painting. Somehow it made the painting more meaningful, as if I had memorialized the bird before it had even died.  Later that evening I  watched several reruns of The Office to get my mind off the bird and to laugh a little. Oh my goodness, what episode comes on…the one where Michael Scott and the rest of the office have a funeral outside by the parking lot for a bird that flew into the window and died.  That was all I needed. 😦  It’s weird how the universe creates coincidences that tie in together and seem so relevant.

*I tend to get turned on to tv shows long after they’ve been airing and most of the time after they have ended. Just this week my kids introduced my husband and I to The Office.   I seriously can’t get enough-I’m so addicted to this hilarious show.  Luckily, we have several seasons so we can have mini marathons every evening.  Just a little simple pleasure that lightens my spirit.

*I drove downtown today (Chicago) to meet with an adviser at UIC where my daughter wants to transfer.  I realize just how much I miss living in the city. Typical for me, I immediately started daydreaming about living in a little flat in the heart of the south loop where I can have access to all the cool stuff going on like museums, festivals and just people in general.

*Tomorrow I will paint again.  Finding time to be creative is at the top of my priority list these days.

3 thoughts on “My weird, weepy and (kinda) wonderful week…”

  1. Hey… I think that there are some freelance sites that you might find jobs blogging, or things like that. I work with a college career office. I would be happy to email you some of the lists and stuff that I have that might help if you want too.


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