Solitude….at last.

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.  Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”  ~Hans Margolius

Finally, after so long my husband and four boys just left to play volleyball and the house is quiet.  I may have two hours of peace and quiet.  No blaring tv, no talking, no music…just the trickle of the fish tank that is home to our two shelled pets.  Sitting on the sofa, I can hear the soft exhales of my dog breathing in sleep as he, too, enjoys this little bit of quiet.  Tis wonderful to have peace, something I crave and rarely get.  Most women I know seek out solitude, if only for a half hour or even fifteen minutes carved into their day.  I need this-some soul time-to breathe, reflect, pray, hear my thoughts. and just do whatever I wish…be it nothing at all.

I completely understand the essence of the quotation I placed at the top of this post.  My life tends to be like the distorted surface of the water after a rock is tossed into it.  On these rare occasions where I do get a real taste of solitude, the surface of my ‘water’ becomes still and reflective just like a mirror.  And in that stillness I can think clear thoughts and see things like I can at no other times.

Ah, sweet solitude.

1 thought on “Solitude….at last.”

  1. I agree with you 100%. I think artists crave that reflective time that seems to get harder and harder to find these days. Here, we have neighbors who can thump and bang around, my critters (God love them) who need something all the time , it seems. The phone sometimes doesn’t stop. No wonder we so often work in the middle of the night when the houses slumber!!
    Lovely painting…..I can feel the mood!


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