What I really want and need from Art

It’s really satisfying when one day all the thoughts you’ve been hashing over for what seems like months come to a cohesive whole and suddenly, you realize something you’ve pretty much known all along.  This happened to me just a few weeks ago.

I have known all through my life that art is my calling…..Every single day I wake up thinking about art, wishing I had more time during the day to just wallow in it.   Sometimes I have the time to paint or draw, but most times I don’t.  (It’s actually not time that’s the factor, it’s a combination of complicated things.) One thing I enjoy more than almost anything is participating in group art.  I always have.  I love sitting around a table with like minded folks creating our own individual projects, sharing and communicating through the process.  I read about the most amazing art retreats on the West Coast and I want so badly to be there.  And  Anahata’s Bali art retreats are a total dream to me…and on my bucket list.  I enjoy this a whole lot more than simply painting with the main intention to make profits from my art.  (I am not an idiot, however.  If I had offers from someone to purchase my work, I’d sell if the price were good, or if I had licensing companies seeking me out, I’d be waving my hand, “Right here!”) What I am saying is, those things are fine, but really the goal here-for me-is to spread the joy of art and share creativity so everyone benefits.  It’s not always about the product. 

More than anything, I love sharing art with other people and introducing them to the joy of art and the benefits it can bring.  I also understand the value art has in helping people express themselves in a non-verb way.  Group art makes my heart sing.  This epiphany has led me to realize a possible mid-life career path. 

I'm currently reading this to gain more insight on the whole process.

I am now reading books on art therapy and how art heals the soul.  I have several books in my personal collection and I’m just beginning to read them.  I have often toyed with the idea of how wonderful it would be to have a business where I could organize and conduct women’s art retreats.  To me this would be a dream come true.  I think women need time away and pampering and a chance to really sit down and express themselves.  I could think of no other thing I’d rather do. 

I really felt like sharing this today because it’s been bursting inside me.  The process of art is probably my true calling.  Everything else is just gravy, or fluid paint if I want to stick with the theme, lol.

2 thoughts on “What I really want and need from Art”

  1. I wish i had that talent, but alas, am a mere art historian of the B.A. variety. I have read about art therapy. There is a school in Wisconsin… you never know…


  2. that is so great that you KNOW what you want to do! i know that now that you have defined it, you will make that happen. best of luck to you! 🙂


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