My Thursday page and a new painting

I just finished this painting.   I am fairly happy with it although I did make some mistakes and I learned a lot from the experience of painting it and trying to figure out how to complete it.  For the most part, I think it is satisfactory. 
Nude Mona Lisa
Dream Wishes (If money was not an option)

3 thoughts on “My Thursday page and a new painting”

  1. Very cool. I think you did an amazing job. Mona Lisa is a curvy woman and your painting portrays that nicely. Well done Em!


  2. I get almost everything here…i even like the jeep and cottage by the sea … been to England and France thats cool …. but the parrot ? ….


  3. Love seeing your painting, Em, and your collages as well! I like paintings and drawings of full-bodied women. Their forms are so much more pleasing then skinny, boney ones. I’m enjoying seeing your artwork.


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