My Dream Vacation

Paris Exposition: Pont d’Jena toward Chateau of Water, view from the, Paris, France, 1900 [correction: Pont d’Iena]

If I could go anywhere, I’d pack up and jump on a plane for France. My vacation would entail 3 weeks of pure French bliss.

I’d love to spend half of that time in Paris just visiting all the typical Parisian sites like the Eiffel tower, and meticulously exploring the Louvre. I’d spend time shopping the brocante sales, flea-markets and antique shops. I’d eat outdoors in little French cafes.

I’d love to visit places where French painters used to go to create their masterpieces, like the Moulin Rouge. During the second half of my dream getaway, I’d spend it in the South of France where we could see the beautiful scenery, lie down in a field of lavender and visit quaint little towns that have been around for hundreds of years. I’m hoping this vacation will happen for me in the next 4 years.

2 thoughts on “My Dream Vacation”

  1. I had the wonderful privilege of riding my bike for two weeks in the Provence area. I still dream of the food! OMG! It was very beautiful and the people were quite nice to all of us. I hope that you will receive the trip of your dreams. You will never regret going to France! But beware, you might fall in love with it and never want to return home!


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