Some Tuesday thoughts…

  • I wish I could go one day a week where I’m not thinking about my how fat I think I am, how gross I think I look in the mirror, how I hate my no-chin chin, where I can not think about what I put in my mouth, and most of all where I think about the positives of my physical body instead of focusing obsessively on what is wrong with me.
  • I’m really enjoying  the book “I Am Legend”   I have begun to enjoy reading so much more and I am actually making time to devour my books.  I am also reading (in dribs and drabs) “Bold Fresh” by Bill O’Reilly and I found “When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies” at the Goodwill.  I think after the above bullet point, this book might be just what the Dr. ordered.
  • I had a party on Sunday and invited some old friends, and my husband’s aunt and uncle were there as well as my children and some of their teenage friends.  It’s amazing how well all three generations of people blended and enjoyed eachother’s company.  When it came to music, it seemed like we were devoid of a generation gap.  The younger set seemed to enjoy the oldies as much as the older folks.    It was a really fun day for everyone.
  • Lately, I’ve had the urge to reconnect with past friends who I’ve lost touch with.  Thanks to Facebook I can accomplish that.  I wish all my friends had blogs so I can visit and see what is going on in their lives and in their heads.  Are you all reading this?  Get a blog!
  • I’m a little under the weather today, most of my kids have had this little virus, and now it’s my turn. 
  • I signed up for Kelly Kilmer’s September Online Art Journaling class.  It is now the 8th of Sept. and I haven’t completed one prompt.  I’m disappointed with my self for not setting time aside to complete these.  Doing a little bit of art every day is like brain exercise for me.  Tisk tisk…Today I will make an attempt.
  • I finally got my sewing area cleaned up on the loft.  I’m so happy!  I feel like the space is calling me to “come on up, and make something!”
  • I have such an urge to blog, but feel disappointed in myself because I really would like to come up with something substantive to write about, but the writing is just not there.  I’m tuning in more with how I’m ‘feeling’ and writing a lot less about my opinions on things.
  • I got a bit of a drastic hair cut last Friday.  I’m so happy with it.  I had 7 inches cut off my length.  I’m feeling really perky and together.  The long hair was really ‘bringing me down’.  I didn’t feel young with it, I felt like al fat old lady with long, stringy hair.  My hubby would beg to differ with me, because he loves the long hair.  He was kind and neutral about my decision.  He’s come a long way from the past where he’d actually get angry with me when I had it cut.  I got some pretty highlights and it sits just below my collar bones.  I think I will go a bit shorter in the next couple months and have it just at my shoulders.  I’ve always loved Martha Stewart’s layered cut.  It’s a little like that.  Now, if I could just cook and garden and keep house like she does.

5 thoughts on “Some Tuesday thoughts…”

  1. Girl, I’m behind on Kelly’s prompts too. I’m trying to journal 9/3 right now. That’s okay. Just get started. It is still not too late. Great finds at Goodwill! Love that! And hey, I do not look in the mirror unless I can’t help it. So you are braver than me on that. HEHE Are you happy that we both have hubbies who love us no matter what? xoxo


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