Sunday thoughts…dreams, my zodiac and a bike

 Often, I have dreams of becoming romantic with a celebrity.  The celebrity is always Chris Noth or  John Travolta, and on occasion, I’ve dreamed of Elton John and Bill Clinton.  The dream I had the other night was the typical John Travolta dream-I am on his private jet and he’s flying me all over the place, and the entire time, he is acting like he absolutely adores me.  No Kelly Preston in my dreams.  I wish I knew what the reason is for dreaming these lovely visions…anyone know?


He’s mine, only in my dreams!

I’ve been spending the last few days really working on my business.  I’ve been neglecting it for so long.  Someone told me if I treated my doll business like a real job and put some honest hours into it on a daily basis, it would probably be much more successful than it is.  I am willing to give it a try.  I already feel good about what I’ve done so far.  Its a feeling of accomplishment, like I really spent my time wisely. 


I’ve been lusting after an Electra Townie comfort bike for over a year now, and I’ve finally been able to purchase one!  My friend is buying my vintage Featherweight sewing machine from me and with the money, I’m getting my long awaited bike.  The time was was right when I went bike shopping a few days ago-the store is moving and they want to get rid of as much inventory as possible, so they are running a 10% off sale.  Not only that, I got an additional 10% off by trading in an old, beat up bike.  The groovy cool thing about this bike is it’s ‘flat foot technology,’ among other outstanding qualities. So, {drumroll!} here’s my orange Townie…my new baby!




One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I’m always changing things, from my profile photos, to my email addresses, to the placement of furniture/art in my house.  I wonder if that characteristic is something directly related to my zodiac sign.   I’m an Aries, which makes for an impatient, I want it yesterday now kind of person.  We are always running around and sometimes running over people, trying to do things quickly, and usually without thinking things through.  This impulsiveness sometimes gets me in hot water.  I know if you visit my Facebook page, you’ll see a different photo of me or of something that represents me like a trillion times a week.  I can’t help it- I like it that way.


3 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts…dreams, my zodiac and a bike”

  1. That is an awesome bike! I fantasize about buying a cruiser but I know deep down I’d ride it for a week and then it would sit in my garage, collecting dust.

    I’m a Libra and I’m constantly thinking about changing things. I’m always trying to rearrange furniture (even furniture that can’t really be rearranged), changing the look/feel of my blog, and you don’t even want to know how many email addresses I’ve gone through. After all, change is the only constant.


  2. Nice bike and nice Aries image. I’m married to one and one of his biggest probs is that he hates change. But he is very impulsive and doesn’t think things through sometimes.

    Well, one area where he requires change is food. He hates leftovers and gets realy bored with one food easily.


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