Saturday Nite Sentiments…

ManoloHere’s what’s on my mind this day:

  • I’m so happy to have friends.  I’m particularily happy for a renewal of friendship with a couple of old friends Larry and I had when we were kids-up until we got married.  We let the years come between us and before we knew it, 20 years had passed.  We fixed that, and now  I feel good things happening in the future.  Friends make my heart happy and make my soul sing.  I look forward to many fun times with this married couple and hope we can experience lots of things together in the future like our kids weddings, barbecues, holidays and maybe even a couples trip together.
  • I’m feeling better about the prospect of my son moving out in the near future.  Actually, I think it will be a part time move, but we all know what starts out as part time, soon turns into fulltime.  But that’s okay, because I know he loves me and he will come and see us, and when he does, maybe he will focus on us and spend some quality time here.  That can be a good thing.
  • I’m jonesing for the silliest thing-an old english sheepdog I saw on Petfinder.com.  I can’t stop thinking about him.  I approached Larry about the prospect of maybe adopting him and he just looked at me with this look that could kill ‘you’ve got to be kidding face’ and rolled his eyes.  “An old english sheepdog?  OMG, why?”  And you know what?  He know’s he’s going to be sharing a bed with this big old shaggy dog if I get my way, and usually, when it comes to pets, I do get my way, lol..
  • This has been such a lovely summer…I’m loving it so much.  The weather has been nearly perfect here in Chicago.
  • I’m excited because finally, my imagination has begun to churn again.  This kind of thing always happens when I have a magazine deadline.  It forces me to create something.  A little fire under my butt to get me going.   That’s what I definately need.  Fire under my butt.
  • I’ve been eating less and I feel really good.  I heard a guy on TV say that eating less (consistantly) helps you live longer.  Apparently, it takes years off your life when your stomach is always in a state of digesting food.  I’ve been eating less and I see my stomach going down.  I haven’t walked poor Lilly in two weeks.  I know I need to start that again.  Walking combined with my eating less might just equal some weight off. 
  • I’m becomming interested in ‘enlightenment’, a buddhist term.  I ordered a book on 10 easy ways to seek enlightenment.  I can’t wait to read it.  I was very inspired by the praying portion of EAT PRAY LOVE, and it piqued my interest. 
  • I feel so very happy inside lately.  It’s been a rough month money wise, but I’ve come to find that there is joy to be found in non material things.  I have found family, reading, being with friends and creating things to be wonderful ways to find happiness without a cost.  Maybe the best things in life are free- well, all except for $300 sheep dogs.  Now, there’s a big, ole fuzzy bundle of joy.
  • I’ve decided I hate the game Parcheesi.  I played it tonight for the first time in quite a while and now I know why I avoid it as much as possible.  It’s frustrating  and boring.  I find myself daydreaming between rolls, and I could give two poops about formulating a  strategy. YAWN.
  • I absolutely, with all my heart hate wrestling.  My husband has been constantly watching this crap on TV and seriously, I want to squirt blood from my eyes from the sound of it.  I HATE IT.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Nite Sentiments…”

  1. I’m afraid I don’t get the sheepdog love, Em. He looks dirty. I’m just a weinie for my little short-haired dachshund, I guess. Glad your weather’s been good. And good job bucking up for the son to spread his wings a little.


  2. Em, I really like the look of this new blog! Veeeeeery cool! I’m decidedly NOT a doggy person (as far as having one myself, I mean) but a kitty person. Yet, that fluffy sheepdog DOES look as tho’ he’d be a nice fellow to have around! (Sorry, Em’s hubby. You KNOW I have to be on my friend’s side! LOL!) It’s good to reconnect with old friends sometimes! I hope you have beautiful NEW times with yours! Most of all, it’s ALWAYS great when anyone feels happy inside! I pretty much ALWAYS do, and I have decided it’s basically a choice. I choose joy. Keep on being happy, sweet girl! It’s a GOOD thing! Love you! P.S. Cannot WAIT to see the items for Viv, your swap partner! I know from experience that you send terrific packages! Send me a photo before you mail them!


  3. Loved reading your blog, my friend. You’re such a seeker. I think you are happiest when you are searching and planning – and you seem to be in a very productive stage of that right now. I fell in love with a huge, lumbering sheepdog I met on the street just last week. They seem nearly human but still possess all the best canine qualities – so it makes sense: down one son, up one sheepdog. 😉


  4. Miss Em, a sheepdog? Come on now, a nice German Shorthair pointer like Lexie is a much better choice! Then Larry and I could chase both of them all over the yard. Besides “old” friends are always willing to change your mind.


  5. Really need to upgrade the Beatles music. Revolution or While my guitar gently weeps are much more like you and Lar!


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