A refreshing change! Welcome to my new blog…

Before you begin, look over to your right and hit the play button if you’d like to hear some music.  There’s about 10 songs on there.  It doesn’t play automatically, you have to click it.  Now that you know that, if you are here reading this, you can see that I’ve moved to a new blog host.  WordPress, it is.  I have been contemplating a change from Blogspot for some time now, but after a few bleeding from the eyes frustrating attempts at trying out a trial Typepad account, I hung up the prospect of having a fancy blog due to absolute stupidity on my part.  I just couldn’t figure out how Typepad worked. 

I noticed a few other bloggers had WordPress blogs and I thought I’d try it.  I almost gave up, but soldiered on and what  do you know?  I got it!  And I’m pretty happy with my new digs.

Why did I change?  I have a variety of reasons, mostly that came down to three. 

1.  WordPress is more organized, and has more functions than Blogspot.  I like the way it works.  One little example is this new blog has ‘pages’.  If you look at the top, you’ll see tabs for EMILY, MY ART, HOOTIN ANNIES.  Those pages are ways for me to ‘itemize’ seperate parts of me.  I also included my BUCKET LIST.  Now that I have the strikeout key I can cross things off as I experience them.

2.  The box where you write posts has the strikeout key which I absolutely love and have been lusting over everytime I read blogs of people who have this function and use it. 

3.  WordPress has a simpler look.  I started to become obsessed preoccupied with ‘decorating’ my blog and focusing less on my writing.  This new place allows me to have a photo header which I can change whenever the mood strikes me and I can use photos my daughter and I have taken.  Here, I don’t have to concern myself with backgrounds and fancy banners.  In a sense I’ve liberated myself.  It feels good.  Everything here is neat and in order. 

So, I hope you like it here and will come back as often as you did when I was at the ‘old place.’  The URL is new, so if you have my blog listed on your blogroll,  you will have to change the address to www.eis4em.wordpress.com .  Of course,  you can still get here from Blithe and Blonde…you’ll just have to hop the link to here when you get there.

All of my old posts have been imported from Blithe & Blonde, so  you can go back and read those if you choose.

Finally, with this new blog, I’ve changed the name.  This old girl is getting white hair and although I’m still very blond, it won’t be that way forever.  Although I’ll always be a blithe spirit, what I really am turning into is a Modern Day Mona Lisa.  Don’t ask me what that means.  It’s just how I feel.


7 thoughts on “A refreshing change! Welcome to my new blog…”

  1. Hey em, congrats on the new blog. Loved your essay about your dad. And your meme. I haven’t felt much like blogging, it is so hot down here lately.


  2. This one pops up 123 for me as opposed to the other site which always loaded the pics first.
    Hope this works out better. Personally I find it easier on the eyes without so many pics all over the page.


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