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Annie, my dear mom, happy Mother’s Day.

I discovered this beautiful picture of my mom which was taken when she was in her late 20’s. She is pictured with her mother, Bertie. Annie Mae Campbell was born in Tennessee in 1928, and this photo of her was taken on the farm where she grew up–You can see the fields behind her. I think her crisp cotton skirt and blouse give her a country sweetness and feminine quality all her own. Her kerchief hides those familiar pincurls I’m used to seeing her with ever since I was a kid.

My mom is now 80, and still going strong. She’s as feisty as ever. As I’ve grown up and become a woman, my relationship with her is different than it was when I was a girl. We are much closer now. She is my best friend, fierce defender and confidante. Even now, she would still go for the jugular of anyone who’d try to hurt me. I think that protective motherly instinct is something that never diminishes, no matter how old your children get. I know my mom will always be in my corner.

I want my mother to know I love her and am so glad she is mine. I want her to know how deeply grateful I am for all she’s done for me in my life, and for everything she is still doing for me. She sacrificed so much to get me where I am today. Thank you mom for loving me. Thank you for those Jello pies you make just for me. Thank you for our occasional Friday nite sleepovers at your house that make it possible for us to visit and talk and laugh just like girlfriends. It gives me a much needed break from my domestic life, and you, more than anyone, understand that I need that sometimes. There’s no mom like you. You are a precious jewel in my life. Happy Mother’s Day today and everyday.

9 thoughts on “Annie, my dear mom, happy Mother’s Day.”

  1. I see where you get your looks, Em! Your mommy is a beauty! You really ARE lucky to have a mother who is also a friend!


  2. Hi Em…
    WOW What a knock out!…No wonder your so…gorgeously you!
    Happy Belated Moms Day. Hope it was celebrated with a bang and you were spoiled delishiously.
    Im celebrating my 100th post giveaway & would be honored if you popped by to leave a comment which is all anyone has to do to qualify for one of the 2 prizes I had a Blast making…Since it was you I had seen in The Country Marketplace Mag, that inspired me to try and make a doll. HA! a doll? Ill always be grateful for ya Em…Hope to see ya there…Blessings, Kat


  3. What a sweet tribute to your mom. My mom is the same age and she is my biggest fan as well. We are blessed!

    hugs, Linda


  4. What a wonderful picture! Your mother and grandmother are beautiful. And your mother’s outfit is adorable!

    I agree with you that my Mom and I become closer everyday. How lucky we both are!



  5. Your tribute to your mom is wonderful, as is that picture. You are lucky to have each other. Happy Mother’s Day!


  6. Love it! I can tell you and your Mom enjoy each other. It is always special. It’s been two years since my Mom has been gone, and I miss her alot. Instead of being envious of those who have their Moms, I am happy for them. Cherish your time together.

    check out my blog… for my mother’s day tribute.

    Happy MD!


  7. Hope you and your Mom had a wonderful Mother’s Day Em! I can’t wait to see her again because I had the greatest time last time we were together.


  8. Your mother sounds wonderful, Em.. You’re very lucky to have her! Hope you had a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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