A real son of a Beotch

I need to share this with you. It’s true, there really are a__holes in the world. Listen to this:

About an hour ago, my three kids, David (21) and Caroline(16) and Jeff (11) were out on the side of our house (we live on the corner) playing frisbee. My daughter threw the frisbee and it hit a tree branch and veered into the street. An SOB in a pick up truck veers toward the frisbee, (now lying in the street), runs over it and cracks it into 10 pieces then proceeds to hang out his window and flip my children the bird. WTF? My son David was (is) livid….kids can’t seem to even have fun anymore, and no, the kids didn’t thow the frisbee at the car. I told you just how it happened. Can you believe this crap?

In my world (see post below) people like this are tied to a chair and get bitch slapped. By women.

7 thoughts on “A real son of a Beotch”

  1. Thanks for popping over to mine and leaving a comment honey…Ill gladly help you with any work you need 🙂

    I love this post…what a cheek! some people! this has made me realise you are from my clan…I always imagine (anyone that has been bad in my world!) Me! kicking them in the chin with a 4inch stilletoe heel! LOL!

    Love and best wishes,

    Love Happy xx


  2. We had to sell our home and move because our neighbors were from hell. Very long story short. They threatened to shoot our grandkids (they lived with us)and the lady did time for pulling a gun on the electric man. They were anal about anyone stepping one foot on their property.


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