My new painting, and my new direction

I got to thinking about the kinds of things I’d like to paint. I decided to celebrate the fleshier, female form. I want to paint big women. As most of you readers know, I am an advocate of curvey women, being one myself. I think we don’t get enough appreciation for our loveliness, despite what the mainstream media and most of America is led to believe. With my paintings, I hope to show how lovely those curves can be.
I completed my first painting and it has a bit of a tropical feel, although that wasn’t really my intention. I drew her from just remembering how to draw the female form from life drawing class back in art school. It helps to be plump to know just where those ripples and rolls fall.
This painting is a beginning. From it, I am understanding what I want to change about the next one. This will be an evolution for me and I will post my paintings up on this blog as I complete them. It’s starting to gel for me, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s the next one I’m working on. So far, it’s only drawn on the canvas. I’m not going to do collage on the canvas first like I’ve been doing lately. This time, I’m going to strickly paint on the canvas and if I add collage embellishments it will be on top of the painting rather than underneath it.

9 thoughts on “My new painting, and my new direction”

  1. Hooray for curvy!!! I love your painting and the reasons you want to paint curvy women. We ARE beautiful! I saw this skinny chick the other day and she was all walking like she knew she was all that and I thought “skinny girls are NOT all that!”…no hips, no curves..that is just NOT sexy to me! :o)


  2. Besides being more to celebrate, it’s absolutely no fun to draw skinny figures. Ample bodies have shadows and curves that those with less flesh just cannot compete with. I like this very much.


  3. I love this, too… You inspire me to paint… As a curvy kinda gal, I appreciate your new direction as well.


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