\peck-uh-DIL-oh\, noun:
A slight offense; a petty fault.

I committed a peccadillo against my husband while he was in Florida last week. Just after the Cubs lost the first playoff series last September, Comcast Sports ran a final video montage of the Cubs season set to Eddie Vedder’s, “Go All the Way,” a song he wrote just for Chicago. Of course, my husband recorded it and has kept it on our DVR since that day. Do you see where this is going? Very intuitive of you!

Well, last week, when he was in Florida, I was recording the Hawks game for my son, and of course, the DVR tells me there’s not enough recording space and in order to make room I need to delete old shows. So, I delete the Cubs game from the day before and I go on to delete the Cub’s Postgame Show and didn’t look at the date it was recorded. Blip. Delete. There it went. Not even realizing I killed it until yesterday when he was recording something else and noticed it was gone. OMG…

He was upset with me because at first I denied it. After all, I wasn’t keeping track of what I deleted, I just thought I nixed the most recent Cubs game and it’s POSTGAME SHOW, then it dawned on me, wow…I F___d up! After some guilt and a long explaination from my husband about how I can sometimes be inconsiderate (yes, I am guilty of that one sometimes…), my son David found the exact postgame film on Google. So he downloaded it for permanent safekeeping. Thank you D-Man!

I’m happy I was bailed out of this one, but I must really work on being more careful to not commit peccadillo’s against other people. I must fess up to my faults and try to be better. Now, if he doesn’t tell me where he saved it on the computer hard drive, there won’t be any chance of my committing a deletion re-offense.

4 thoughts on “Peccadillo”

  1. Girl, you are way too accomodating with the DH. And, most important here: in this situation, the word would be PECKERDILLO.

    OMGOD, I am a laugh riot, hahahaha. ;-)))



  2. Jesus, I thought you were going to say you were having carnal knowledge of some else’s pecker while he was away. Tell him to get his own damn tivo and you won’t be erasing his stupid baseball games. I mean, isn’t that WHY we “accidentally” erase things to begin with? šŸ˜‰


  3. Seriously, he needs to get a life. It’s just a stupid game! Hope he never makes mistakes…glass houses and all that!


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