I’m so happy to see you, Loo-eese!

Ski-masks, now in summer weight and the new fashion for landscapers
My long-lost Mexican landscapers resurfaced after 2 years. A week or so ago, my doorbell rang and it was Luis, standing there with a meek smile on his face and his hand jutted out toward me with a business card in it. He was peddling to get my business back. I squealed with delight at the sight of him, then regained my composure and told him I was angry at him because it was like he fell off the face of the earth and left me hanging with no explaination, no phone call, no nothing. (Not to mention my only alternative was to hire the more expensive College Students who charge $10 more and that was a bummer!)
Apparently, his whole team got deported back to Mexico, and he was left without helpers and had to throw in the towel for a while till he could find more guys to join his team. They started back this week by me, and it’s so funny, because the guys cutting the grass were wearing ski masks…hmmm. I wonder just how long these guys will last?

6 thoughts on “I’m so happy to see you, Loo-eese!”

  1. Funny! What do the neighbors think of that? I would keep my doors locked. Those masks freak me out. I was at the drive thru at the bank in my 56 Chevy and a guy walked around the corner of the bank wearing a mask like that and I almost left without my money because I thought he was going to steal my car. He was working on the parking lot.


  2. Since I have college kids who work, my guess is that the college kids probably have to charge more since they report the income they earn, they pay taxes on the income they earn, they (might) be pay for their own college tuition, they (might) be paying for their own health care (and on and on – or, at the very least, their [financially struggling?] parents may be paying for some of those things).

    It’s a lot easier to work for $10 less an hour when you don’t report your wages or pay taxes (because you’re here illegally), or when you get free medical, etc. But it’s certainly your right, and everyone else’s, to hire whoever they want. However, in these incredibly trying financial times, with so many Americans struggling, I’m always a bit taken aback or surprised when I hear people complain about having to pay Americans (be it college kids or adults) a bit more than illegals. Now, more than ever, we should be supporting our fellow Americans and hiring them.


  3. The comment above sounds like it came from the same person who scolded me for buying a dog.

    Using possible illegal workers is only ONE of the reasons I can never run for president!


  4. You are kidding about the crew wearing ski masks, right? Or, was it really cold outside? I spit my water when I read this, too dang funny. Hun, you commited two crimes here: first, a good Mexican gardner is worth 43 college students, who cares about the ten bucks, and….second, why did you not get a photo of the new crew? I am so disappointed in you. winkwink teehee



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