Year 46 commences today.

Yes, that means today is my birthday. I’m happy. I am now officially OVER THE HILL. Isn’t 45 the TOP of the HILL? I think that’s right. Well, you know what they say (who?), it’s better to be OVER the hill than UNDER the hill. I agree whole heartedly.
As my birthday marks another year of my life, I thank God for allowing me to get this far. Life is fabulous and each day is a gift.

What do I hope for this year? I ask for more wisdom, increased confidence, more time to be creative, and develop myself as an artist. I hope to some new career goals accomplished, to design more projects for my business and for magazines. I even feel gutsy enough to try something that may be well beyond my reach, but NOTHING is going to deter me. All I can do is try. I want to write and read voraciously. I hope to pass that gift of passion for the arts on to my children. That way, they can share with me the things I love. I hope to be the kind of wife my husband can still be happy he married, even now, after almost 25 years. I wish to connect with him on a deeper level as the years go on. Finally, I hope to continue to come into my own as a woman and artist.
My husband is away visiting his uncle with one of my sons, and my other kids are all home today. I plan on going to Borders and spending my 40% off coupon on a book as a gift to myself. I might go to dinner with a girlfriend. Being with my friends is always enjoyable. I started a painting this morning, so I may end the evening trying to get a decent portion of that completed.

I think this is going to be a really great year.

14 thoughts on “Year 46 commences today.”

  1. To my newest kindred soul…Emily…I wish you a year full of artful days and all good things. xo-teri

    ps. can i have that mancake?


  2. I hope you had a very nice birthday! The hardest part of being over the hill..is getting over it in the first place…with your attitude, you will sail on over and enjoy the sunset!


  3. Happy Birthday,

    You need to revise your thinking about that hill!

    I recently turned 57 and decided that I was just about to reach the top of the hill.

    You are just a baby, baby!



  4. Happy Birthday!
    I’ll tell you something…I’m 63 and I think I just might have hopped (kicking and screaming) over that hill! But the other side is SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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