My Artsy Day…

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Terri from Quinceberry. She’s a New Yorker and flew into Chicago to attend an opening party for the Broadway play Mary Poppin’s over at the Cadillac Theatre.
We arranged our meeting online and made a great connection! We had an absolutely delicious lunch at the Artist’s Cafe on Michigan Ave. After a nice long lunch, we headed over to the Art Institute for a quick visit. I was able to point out to Teri some of the more famous paintings and some of my favorites. The weather was great, the traffic was a peach and I had a great time making a new friend. Teri thank you for such a fabulous day. I’m so happy we met and I look forward to spending more time with you, some how, some way.

Here’s a photo of the restaurant where we had lunch. It’s just across the street and down a block from the Art Institute. I used to go to this restaurant for a quick lunch when I was going to art school at Columbia. It’s been redecorated and it’s more ‘artsy’ now. It was such an inspiring day! I think I’ll go paint a picture now….ooh, wait, it’s time for American Idol!

1 thought on “My Artsy Day…”

  1. Oh, how cool and lucky you are to have had a lunch date with Teri! :o) Sounds like you two had a great day and you both deserve it!


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