ATTENTION-All who want to participate in the Rag Doll Challenge

I am getting a good response to my rag doll challenge, for sure! However, I’m having a bit of a problem! When you leave a comment to let me know you are joining in, you need to leave me a NON ANONYMOUS comment, otherwise I won’t get a link back to your blog. If you want to comment anonymously, please send me your email address so I can contact you. I’ve had a few ladies who even requested help with putting up the little banner on their side bar, and it’s been very frustrating for me because I am unable to find them. There’s no link or email to reply to. Believe me, I’m not ignoring you…it’s just that my hands are tied and I’m helpless as to how to find you.

So, if you have already responded to me about participating and are wondering why I haven’t replied, email me or leave me a comment again using a url link in the comment. If I don’t have a link for you, no one will be able to see your doll because I’ll be unable to know where where to link back to your site on the 21st..

Thanks Ladies! Spread the word! 3 more weeks till spring!

1 thought on “ATTENTION-All who want to participate in the Rag Doll Challenge”

  1. Em, I don’t know what it is with everyone reading Jane Eyre lately but I’m LOVING it! I’m on Chapter 19 so we’re right there together! I know what you mean about the dictionary – I bought i new one specially for this event!lol I’m glad you’re enjoying it! You blog is amazing and I love the umbrellas! Thanks so much for visiting me today. I’m going to stalk, I mean follow you now! Have a great day!


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