Things I love…

I have an irrational attraction to black umbrellas…weird, huh?

Lunching with a good friend…

zinnias. frank sinatra. sewing. chicago cubs. working with fabric. sewing. cottage florals. white wood. new york city. flea markets. eileen fisher clothing. fresh brewed coffee with flavored creamers. the way a cat feels when cuddled up close to me. reading. rainy days. writing. making lists. purple velvet sofas. smooth jazz. angels. knitting and colorful yarn. black turtlenecks. pastels. cottage style. the city. french stuff. friendly cats. bright happy colors. cozy socks. lunching with friends. eating sweets with no guilt. the way i feel after i exercise. french bread and butter. kissing and lots of passion. watching john travolta dance. black mary jane shoes. a big, colorful flower behind the ear. bright florals. my black old navy yoga pants. the smell of a coffeeshop. gauze skirts. pedicures. browsing for books at borders. a french scarf around the neck. lipstick. my long blonde hair. singing to my favorite songs. thrifting in new york city. getting out the art supplies and spending an afternoon creating. making art journals. having my feet rubbed and my hair combed. watching sex and the city reruns. project runway. american idol. house. what not to wear. fox news. rain on the roof. fancy printed file folders to make my file drawer a happier place. visiting an art museum. day dreaming. solitude. quiet. seeing a cat in the window. a fully stocked pantry. a clean tidy house. cosmopolitans. old victorian homes. hot showers. lovely cologne by sjp. black birds. the eiffel tower. black umbrellas. tall dark and handsome men. men with blue eyes and black hair. ikea. kissing a tall dark handsome man with black hair and blue eyes under a black umbrella while it drizzles. {sigh} so much more.

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