Scenes from my art/sewing space

My small collection of hat boxes. They are terrific for storing seldom used items.
Some dolls received from swap, a handmade mouse by me, and a thrifted Vermont Teddy Bear (I got it for $2!)

My small rosary collection found in Albuquerque, NM

A vignette of red items from my sewing area. That red clog is an old Hanna Andersson pair my daughter wore when she was 3. We’ve since lost the right shoe, so we are left with one. I’ve often contemplated making a pincushion out of it. I dare not part with it. I remember her wearing those darling Swedish clogs!

Another closeup of a ‘gathering of red’ from my art/sewing room


Over the last year or so I seem to have lost my verve for designing new dolls. I feel like I’ve done almost every combination or theme of doll that can be done. With almost 85 designs under my belt, I’ve got that distinct sensation of having hit a wall.

I was talking to my husband the other day, telling him about how I felt I might be at the end of my doll road. He has faith in me. He saw me create this little company from nothing, and he tells me if I would have asked him 10 years ago if he ever thought I’d go anywhere with this doll making idea, he would have thought I was crazy. I suprised him with some moderate success and made him proud of my accomplishments by being published in magazines, having articles written about me and by my ability to sell patterns hot off the press. Because of this, he doesn’t want me to throw in the towel. He feels I can make my company Hootin Annies much more than it already is if I just put in a lot more effort and time. Anything worth having is worth working for, I suppose. He has given me a new idea, an idea which he mentioned a few years ago, but I wasn’t very interested in doing it at the time. It’s now time to reprise some of my oldest designs-time to bring them back to the design table, restyle them, make new models and add some fresh changes to them for 2009. I love this idea!

This morning, I went up to my sewing area on my loft and started to snap some photos of little vignettes of things I’ve collected. By just spending some time up there, I immediately started to feel infused with the desire to sew again! I began looking through my fabric again, and touching it thinking of the possibilities of how it can be used to bring new life to some of my old designs. I felt a spark and a heat of excitement run through my veins.

I think I’m back.

2 thoughts on “Scenes from my art/sewing space”

  1. Oh, I’m sure one idea will lead to another and soon they’ll be no stopping you…again. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message.
    I’m glad you found me too cause now I found you back. 🙂



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