I can show you now…

I finally sent this painting to my friend Kim…it was her Christmas present, and for a variety of reasons, I didn’t get to send it to her till now.

She received it, she loved it and now I can show it to you! I did this one a bit different than the collages I made for my other friends. I painted just her face instead of a body. I used a collaged paper background with other collaged elements combined with paint.

3 thoughts on “I can show you now…”

  1. To everyone who reads your comments…I am the Kim in that pic and its even better than the one you see. There are a few writings and extra pics on it. I just LOVE this and am thinking of having Em make me at least 2 more as gifts. Em…I believe that people would love to hang these on their wall. They are GREAT!



  2. This is really really nice! If I recieved this from a friend I would be very vercklempt!! Go girl!! This is what you are meant to do! Love the new look of your blog.. Hugs K


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