Snowy Wednesday all white and Green?

click each photo to enlarge if you wish to see more detail.

Happy as a lark to be standing in the snow for a brief snapshot. I’m happy no matter what. It has to be pretty horrible for me to go a day without being happy. It’s just me.

The grocery store parking lot…you’d have to be half nuts or ‘blond’ to shop on a day like today.

My kids report to me the trampoline is frozen solid to the ground with no hopes of moving it till a spring thaw arrives.

My snow covered cars.

My front bushes donning light weight snow for a new, wintery look.

My cold, snowy porch, not nearly as inviting as it is in warmer months.

This morning, despite my reluctance to venture out, I headed into the cold, fridgid outdoors to go grocery shopping. Man, is it cold out! I snapped some photos from around my house so you can see the snow as it was falling. It is so terribly frigid, like single digits, the snow has an artificial look and feel to it. It’s very light and you can blow it off the windows and railings. Because of the very low temps, it hasn’t gotten a chance to slush up and get heavy. Seriously, it’s as if a big snow machine came though and created a winter wonderland.

Also, my green journal page for today. After all this white cold and snow I’m thinking green spring with warm showers and black umbrellas all about.

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