The answer is to love yourself

Today on Oprah, the topic of conversation was why we fall off the dieting, health band wagon. The answer seeemed to be we need to carve out time for ourselves each day, despite how busy we are, and make time for caring for ourselves. We need to ask ourselves this simple question: “What do we want? and “What are we hoping for?”

We need to answer those questions to ourselves and begin on a daily basis to focus on the answer.

What I seek is calmness. Quiet (at times). Time to think, and to stretch out and sleep well. Time to write, time to walk and time to tone up. Time to breathe deeply and just enjoy being me.
How would you answer the questions in the first paragraph? Start thinking.

4 thoughts on “The answer is to love yourself”

  1. I am just wanting to be as healthy as I can because without that then its a drain on me, those around me and ultimately one day the health system. I keep saying every year I am going to do this or that and never do. This year I am making it happen for me. Good post and poor Oprah I hear she has piled on the weight again – is that true? Her shows are months behind here.


  2. It was a very good and thought provoking show. Both hubby and I love each other much and made a goal to help each other make it happen this year..We both have much weight to lose.


  3. I watched Oprah yesterday, too, and have been pondering the questions. I know what I want…but I have to wait for it to come to me (that, in itself, is an issue). I have been blaming my weight gain over the last year on a lack of physical activity due to several factors but those factors had nothing to do with my insatiable desire for “something delicious.” I need to figure out how to stop filling that emotional hole with food.


  4. This might sound selfish, but I want more time to myself this year to work on creating. What do I hope for….simplification/organization.


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