Saturday morning cozies…the winter white way

Doesn’t this bedroom just make you feel all cozy and peaceful? Imagine, just outside the window the snow blankets the grass and settles on the tree branches for a most serene view. Couldn’t you just stay curled up with a good book all day, then drop off for a dreamy nap only to awaken to the perfect romantic opportunity?

If your bedroom isn’t quite like this and is more like mine-in need of a good paring down and a major cleaning, then why not make it a point to make your bedroom more of a sparce, relaxing haven where you can go and leave the world behind. If you don’t care for sparcity, than just do what makes you feel more comfortable and at ease in your boudoir. It’s time for renewal, and that goes for your surroundings, too.

1 thought on “Saturday morning cozies…the winter white way”

  1. great pic!! i had posted on my blog that i just put a huge white down comforter on my bed. we are loving it!! now to clean that room for a more sparse, relaxed environment. 🙂


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