An A to Z about me….

Compliments of Violet (thank you!) I borrowed this meme…thanks!

Accent: I have a definate Chicago accent. Someone on a plane once heard me talking and said, “You’re from Chicago, aren’t you?”

Breakfast: Kashi Cinnamon Harvest and coffee.

Chore: Least favorite – Picking up the dog poo. Closest to a favorite –vacuuming.

Dog or Cat: Cats all the way. Although I own two dogs, they are becoming pains in my butt and the 4 cats are superior in my book. Cats are less demanding and don’t wake me up 2x a nite to go out and pee.

Essential Electronic: Lamps and my computer

Favorite Cologne: Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker

Gold or Silver: I like silver. It’s cheap and doesn’t turn green. Handbag: GAP, purple knitted bag, very hip and casual.

Insomnia: Not usually. If I have problems falling asleep, I pop 3 Valerian and I’m off to sleep.

Job Title: Domestic Goddess/art diva

Kids: 5 children-4 males 1 female

Living Arrangement: 5 kids, 1 hubby, 4 cats, 2 dogs, 2 turtles and 1 pet rat.

Most Admirable Trait: I am like sunshine.

Naughtiest Childhood Habit: I love to (and still do) egg people on. I like to press people’s buttons, when it’s something I don’t agree with.

Overnight Hospital Stay: 2 or 3 when I was little for pneumonia. 5 other times when I birthed each child.

Phobia: Walking on mucky stuff in lakes, looking at fingerprints (don’t ask me why, it’s crazy, I know) and sliding down waterslides-for some reason when I go down them, I imagine razor blades straignt up ready to slice me to ribbons….another crazy thought.

Quotation: You need not feel guilty about not being able to keep your life perfectly balanced. Juggling everything is too difficult. All you really need to do is catch it before it hits the floor!


“Did anyone tell Toscanini or Bach, that he had to choose between music and family, between art and normal life?”

Reason To Smile: I’m happy & healthy and delving in creativity and loving life and my kids are happy and healthy.

Siblings: I’m an only.

Time To Wake Up: 6:50am on school days….anytime on off days.

Unusual Talent: I have an almost psychic ability to sense when someone is pregnant even before they are showing.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: seaweed

Worst Habit: I’m too blunt with people.

X-rays: None recently

Yummy Stuff: Chocolate, cakes, cookies, pretzels

Zoo Animal I Like The Most: Wild cats and the Kookaburra

2 thoughts on “An A to Z about me….”

  1. Oh, that was FUN! I enjoyed reading all the A-Z facts! Cracked up over the dogs vs. cats! I AGREE!!!!! I’m super behind on reading blogs, but I am slooooowly catching up! HUGS!!!


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