Winter Wonderland after last night…

Click on each image to enlarge if you wish to see it bigger…

Me and my dad, circa 1967, hamming it up in a photo booth.

Our old dalmatian, Blaze…

Our 2008 Christmas tree…

Chaz, the black cat checks out the ornaments…

Winter solitude spelled out by two lonely park benches…

Willows dressed up in their icy finery…

Ice cicles dripping over my porch rail….

A frosty evergreen after last night’s ice storm.

Caroline, my daughter took some of these photos today after our overnight ice storm. Everything was captured in icy stillness and is very beautiful. We also put our tree up this weekend and snapped some photos of different vignettes in and around the tree. The first one, however is a special photo booth photo I found of my dad and I-taken in the winter. I’m so smitten with it, I had to share it with you. I miss my dad so much and wish he was here to celebrate Christmas with us.
This year, I’m more in the mood for the Christmas season than I have in the last 4 years. I have my spark back. I want to decorate and have friends over. My sadness has lifted over losing my mother in law back in 2004. She made Christmas so magical for my kids and frankly, it was a hard act to follow after she left us. She would be glad to know I have my spirit back.
This weekend is going to be an artistic one, filled with collaging mixed media canvas’ with my friend Cindy on Sunday. She’s making a special trip over to spend the day with me creating some unique works of art for gifts. I’m really in a sewing mood, too, so in addition to my day with Cindy, I’m planning on making some Amy Butler aprons and sleep masks from her book ‘In Stitches’. I’m really happy these days. If only my dad were here to share my happiness, it would be almost perfect.

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland after last night…”

  1. These are absolutely beautiful photos – your daughter is clearly talented (takes after her mom on the artistic front). Glad you are once again feeling the Christmas joy.


  2. I guess ice storms have to leave such beauty behind or we wouldn’t be able to stand them. 🙂 Really lovely photos, I can feel the chill and hear the silence.


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