I’m Published!

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This just landed in my mail box yesterday, and it will be hitting the newsstands within a week or so, I suppose. My two raggedy designs are in the February 2009 issue of Create and Decorate.

Kim R., remember when you were over and I was just working out the sketch for this pillow design? Well, here it is, finished and published.

The small doll is my 3rd Inaugural Annie. This one is much smaller than the ones from the past, mainly because the magazine needs smaller designs due to size issues.

The big, shaggy dog was inspired by (remember this?) my Cuddly Dudley Dog from the 1960’s I had as a child. Remember he was only available in Chicago and you could only get one if you were a subscriber to the Chicago Tribune? He came in a tall red cardboard doghouse. I loved mine so much he got a limp neck and oh, did I hate that!
As a child, I saw my Cuddly Dudley as being so tall…and to this day I remember him as towering- until I looked him up on eBay today and saw his height is only 28″! I told my husband this, and being the sensible, pragmatic guy he tends to be, tells me ”Well, he was tall, after all, he was probably half your height!” Yes, he was, and 28″ was probably much more than half my height as a 5 year old child and would definately seem to be a towering stuffed animal. So, there!

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