I totally scored at JoAnns!

I just had to share this with you all. I have been accumulating my 40% off coupons for JoAnns and I also had one 50% off coupon. Yesterday, I went there hoping to find the premiere issue of Where Women Create, and at first I didn’t find it. Bummed out, I shuffled myself over to another department, and began glancing over the collage papers when I look over and there, just discarded on a rack totally unrelated to magazines, lay a copy of Where Women Create!!!! It immediately went in my cart. Then, I’m looking through the books and find the only copy of Kelly Rae Robert’s book, Taking Flight and I grab that! I found two other Somerset publications, pop them in my cart and proceed to the checkout. First of all, this sweet girl who works there was so kind to let me use all 4 coupons. Groovey. So, she rings up all four of these magazines and the total, for all with the tax is $31!!! Hello? Can you believe it? The Kelly Rae book alone before the 50% off was $23, not to mention those other Somerset ones being like $15 and $8 before discount.

Tonight, I’m sprawled out with my fresh coffee reading my new magazines. Oh, and to make it even better? Today, in the mail, was a priority envelope holding the newest complimentary copy of Artful Blogging! I received a free copy because my banner made it into the ‘Favorite Banners’ page. It’s raining out and the fireplace is on. I’m soaking up some inspiration and life is good!

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