Countdown to New York City!

On Friday, my daughter Caroline and I leave for a jaunt to the Big Apple. We will be returning on Tuesday night. This is our second trip to NYC and we are planning on making this an annual trip-just the girls. We are fortunate to be staying with Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness, she was so generous to invite us into her home and to play tour guide. To, me though, Rebecca is more, she’s a new friend, full of possibility. I can’t wait to spend time with her. She has many of the same interests as myself, and we hope to sit and sew and create some new things together one night, just for fun, and over our the course of our stay, forge a friendship that lasts.

We are planning a trip to the MET, (Metropolitan Museum of Art) which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We are going to do Manhattan on foot Saturday. Caroline wants to see Time Square at night to get some lively photos of the neon lights. We plan on taking hundreds of photos, both candid and artsy, so I will post those as soon as we get home. Some other must see stops we’re hoping to make are Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village, Pearl River Mart in Chinatown for some unbeatable bargains, Little Italy and whatever else comes our way.
Autumn in the city should be wonderful for walking and enjoying the sites. I ordered myself a Quilted Field Jacket in a Khaki color from Lands End. It’s due here on Thurday! I think it will look great on me and paired with a snappy scarf, should make me look like a real City Girl.

Rebecca, Caroline and I will be driving to Connecticut on Sunday to hit the flea markets there. We are going to squeeze junk shops and flea markets in as much as we can because that’s where the real treasures and souvineers are! Thrifting is something Rebecca, Caroline and I all love.

4 thoughts on “Countdown to New York City!”

  1. I didn't comment on your last post 'cause I am sooooo not into sports, but I was sorry YOU were disappointed! This post, however is such a HAPPY one to read about! Em, you & Caroline are going to have a BLAST! I'm really glad you're getting to do that! Caroline takes super photos so I know we will ALL get to 'share' the trip via those! And PLEASE, you & Rebecca give each other an EXTRA hug from ME, okay? Cannot wait to read all about your trip and see the photos! LOVE YOU!


  2. Have a fabulous weekend Em..ohhh, i am green with envy..lol..how i one day, would love to see NY.
    Can’t wait to read and see pics on your return..
    luv Ann.xx


  3. What a lovely site design you have. Wow I remember whem my daughter and I had a trip to New York from Australia. What wonderful fun it will be.


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