Morning pages begun!

This morning, I sat down with a silky rolling pen and began my 3 page brain dump. It was EASY! It was effortless, actually. I just started a thought and one led to another and began flowing out of my pen onto the paper. I didn’t do 3 pages as the book instructed, but continued on to 4 because I wasn’t finished after 3. It only took me about 15 minutes and I did it with my morning coffee.

If you havn’t done this, may I suggest it? If anything, it ‘frees’ you a bit from the junk swimming around in your mind. Just get it out on paper and let it go.

1 thought on “Morning pages begun!”

  1. The concept reminds me of journaling like we did in 7th grade and high school English creative writing. Amazing what comes out when allowed to ramble on in an unconstructed way.

    Glad its working and have fun!


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