I met Julia Cameron!

My girlfriend Cindy invited me to go with her to the northside of Chicago to a snappy bookshop called Flourish Studio to see Julia Cameron give a 45 minute talk and have a book signing. It was really enjoyable. I had never heard of her book, The Artists Way until today, and I also learned she was married to Martin Scorsese and had a daughter with him.

She signed my book and posed for a photo with me. I was happy! I can’t wait to begin reading The Artists Way. It has many ideas for fostering creativity.

3 thoughts on “I met Julia Cameron!”

  1. Hi Em.
    Have been reading all of Miss Camerons awesome books and worked with the Artists Way years ago, your gonna love it…although I cant imagine anything else bursting forth from your already wild spirit in terms of creativity. you are da best…thanks for the heartfelt message. Hugs back to you, Kat


  2. Isn't it a blast to meet an author? Though I edit for a living, I STILL get so excited when I begin to really KNOW some of my fave authors. I'm glad you met Ms. Cameron, & her book sounds like it could be very helpful! I need to get a copy!


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