Project Runway….I’m addicted!

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I know I’m really behind in this subject because I’ve seen it discussed on other blogs, months ago. But I will mention it all the same even though it makes me look like I’m just not with it. I just discovered Project Runway about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it! (After reading all the hooha about it, I was nosey and just had to check it out),

I’m no fashionista, so I don’t watch it for the clothing aspect, but the part of this show that strikes my fancy is the creative element. I absolutely love the challenge aspect and watching the designers put something together out of nothing and with limited time and resources. It’s addictive, and I know my husband won’t admit it, but it’s growing on him, too.

Since I’m a cloth doll designer by trade, I keep thinking it would be fun to have a ‘Project Dolly’ night(for lack of a better name at this moment at midnight when I’m writing this) with my cloth/primitive doll making friends. We could think up a ‘challenge’ and force ourselves to come up with a new design given the parameters of the challenge. I just might have to run this past my girlfriends.

If you haven’t already seen this show, I highly recommend you tune in. It’s on the cable channel Bravo every Wednesday 9/8Central. I’m warning you-you WILL become addicted to it! You just might find yourself itching for your own creative ‘challenge’.

1 thought on “Project Runway….I’m addicted!”

  1. We love Project Runway here! My husband watches too, but I think he’s really watching Heidi!!
    He’s always saying, “man, she looks good today!”
    Oh well…..you’ll always have Big


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