My List of Bliss

Have you ever sat back and thought about the little things in life that bring you happiness, pleasure and satisfaction? The Women’s Comfort Book encourages readers to compile a ‘Joy List’. On this list we are encouraged to write down all the simple pleasures both tangible and intangible, emotional or sensory that we can think of. I love doing this kind of thing-exploring and looking deep inside myself and writing things down as I think of them. So, here’s my crack at it. I’m sure I’ll think of a million other things after I hit the publish button, but I suppose this post can be subject to change.

Here I go:

-Perfect 73 degree weather, sunshine and breezy
-Screened porches
-My cats Fletch and Ollie when they roll around on my bed absolutely eating up the attention I’m giving them.
-Curling up with a book that strikes my fancy
-Pasta and bread with butter
-A delicious sirloin steak or prime rib with a fancy salad
-Fresh coffee with flavored creamer
-Laughing hilariously with girlfriends.
-Sewing and creating things with girlfriends
-Walking in New York City and finding a treasure someone dropped on the sidewalk
-Autumn in New York and Chicago
-Cheesecake-any flavor
-A Hot shower with fragrant soap
-Riding a bike and feeling the wind in my face and through my hair
-Lying in bed and listening to the rain drops hit the roof.
-Clean cotton sheets, cool and smooth against my freshly shaved legs
-My daughter when she hugs me and tells me she loves me for no other reason than she felt it at that moment
-Finding that perfect shade of lipstick
-Burying my nose in a bunch of fresh lavender
-The way a tea bag smells

-Hugging my boys and delighting in how handsome and grownup they are
-Curling up with my hubby and watching a good movie or the Cubs kick butt
-Folding the last load of hot, fragrant dry laundry
-Being in the company of women I look up to and admire
-Having someone brush my hair slowly and play with the strands, it’s so relaxing!
-A pedicure and luscious calf massage
-Kisses on the back of the neck and shoulders
-The abundant, content feeling of a well stocked pantry
-Finding a cartful of treasures at the Goodwill
-Going out to lunch at Panera Bread-Bacon Turkey Bravo with the Strawberry Poppyseed salad
-Designing something that exceeds my expectations
-Making the cover of a magazine
-Endorphins kicking in after 20 minutes on the elliptical and just when a fantastic song comes on my Nano
-Watching reruns of Sex and the City. I never tire of them. My favorite episode? I Heart NY (season 4)
-Wanting something, trying to figure out how to get it and actually accomplishing the task of acquiring the said item or wish.
-Curling up on the sofa watching the first snow fall. It feels so warm and secure inside when it’s so cold outside
_Walking in a yarn shop and being overwhelmed by all the beautiful colors and textures. What’s blissful is imagining all the fun I will have knitting something with a delicious, new skein of yarn.
-Thoughts of bicyling in France
-A few hours alone with nothing but a good book and some Frank Sinatra on low in the background

What’s on your Bliss List?

1 thought on “My List of Bliss”

  1. Em, it was so much fun to read your list of comforts! Each person HAS a list of those inside and I wonder how many of us think to actually put them in a place where we can look at and evaluate them? I think it’s something I’ll do – possibly just for myself – so I can see what things I should be ‘traveling toward’ in my life. These are the very things that tell us who we are. Love that you shared yours! Love even MORE how open you are!


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