Happy Anniversary, Baby!

August 4th, 1984

August 4th, 2008

On August 4th, 1984, Larry and I got married. Today is our 24th wedding anniversary. We’ve had 5 kids together, have weathered many, many storms and to date, are doing very well. I am proud we have made it this long, in this day and age where 50% of couples end up in divorce. Sure we have our moments, and sometimes those moments turn into a week or two, but so far we’ve come out stronger after it’s all over.

What I enjoy about my marriage is that it’s comfortable. Larry feels like home to me. He is the one person in the whole world I feel most familiar with, he is the one I feel most comfortable with and I know he loves me like no one else does or ever has. It’s difficult to get older and go through changes and still come out being the same person you were when you started. He has been a counselor, psychologist, and friend in addition to being a husband. I’m pretty lucky, I think. That’s pretty much how it is with us.

Just want to say Happy Anniversary to my hubby and let him know he’s ”Still the one.”

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Baby!”

  1. happy anniversary!!
    its good to see posts like this. with all the chaos in the world its good to know that you have each other to depend on.
    i hope you have a grat time and enjoy spending the day together.


  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It is rare these days and you are both so amazing! 🙂 I got married last year and hope to be just as happy as you and Larry. 🙂


  3. Happy Anniversary!! That is so wonderful!! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on August 8th. Smiles, Elaine


  4. Em, congratulations to you and your sweetheart! What a beautiful post – and beautiful photos! It makes me smile to know that love CAN last and grow even stronger! I think my favorite statement in that whole post was that he is, for you, HOME. That brought tears to my eyes. Hugs to you both tonight!


  5. Belated Congrats…It take being friends…and make a marriage work. We just celebrate our 35th…These days…folks rarely get married and stay married.
    Toast to you and yours…Sandra


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