Take me out to the ballgame!

Scoreboard and sky…

Sons David (L) and Scott with their girlfriends on the shuttle going to the game.

View from our seats….

Nothing like 12X Zoom to make it look like you were closer than you actually were.

The Earnie Banks statue outside of the park

The famous street that Wrigley Field is on

Bummed out Cubs fans after the game

Down the left field line-Notice the roof seats? Wrigleyville is famous for having these rooftop bleachers-for a steep price, too!

View from our seats-looking toward the bleacher bums just before the game started

Me and my husband….happier times before the Cubs started losing

This is the kind of thing that brings a jinx on the Cubs….who’s eatin’ Cub meat for dinner?

Yesterday was the first game for me in this long marathon of games my husband, his uncle and aunt are partaking in. I’m only going to a few, but I did snap some photos of the fun we had. Unfortunately, there was no fishfry today, since the Marlins beat our butts for the second day in a row. Man…I thought bears ate fish, not the other way around! That’s okay, I’m holding out hope and have a psychic feeling that all will be well. Will see!

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