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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History…

Click on any photo to enlarge…

A charming old lady doll mounted on a wooden spool
Primitive Rabbit, anyone?

Detail of the ‘ghostly dress’
This vintage bike is a lawn decoration.
Primitive rabbits
Iron stars
Two Sisters is so absolutely cool, it has iron stars embedded into its sidewalks.

A very textural berry wreath
Hanging candles. I particularily love the green/navy homspun which holds the white candles together.
A peek in the cupboard glass
A mantle repurposed for spring and positioned by the entryway to greet customers
A farmhouse apron sewn from yummy yellow/orange homespun

Primitive table set with irresistable yellowware and rabbits

The entrance to Two Sisters in Sandwich, Illinois

Three misbehaved bad girls–Myself, Rhonda and Cat

Basket of primitive dolls…

A charming sink with handmade soaps displayed
Standing in the candle room, looking into the dining room.
Look at this inviting window. I just love 9 over 9 divided light windows.

The steep staircase which leads to the upstairs. There are 4 bedrooms of merchandise to browse through.
Standing a few steps from the top, these airy, vintage gowns billow like ghosts as they hang from a peg rack in the narrow hallway.

A selection of snappy signage
My favorite!

Cupboards upon cupboards of delicious, and quite possibly the finest candles I’ve ever found.
I love the color of these Willow Creek candles and took a pint jar sized one home.
Only a window in a house like this could get away with tea stained cheesecloth window treatments.
A peek in the mirror
Basket of fat quarters for the taking…

Today I went on a primitive shopping trip to Sandwich, IL with my dear friend Cat and my other dear friend Rhonda. On the way up, we remembered our friend Terri who we haven’t seen in ages. I’m driving and dial her up. I say, “Hey Terri, how spontaneous are you? Want to meet us in Sandwich in an hour?” She was thrilled, and with a squeal, she said “YES!” and so we were on for an after noon of friendship and frivolities! We stopped at Two Sisters, the most divine shop situated in an old, brick house that is so primitive and houses the finest selection of vintage and primitive wares you can ever hope to find. This house is just dreamy to walk into, with it’s sweet scents emanating from ‘Farmhouse Candles’ burning. This along with the well worn and aged decor makes one feel really at home. I snapped photos of some really eye catching vignettes found throughout. My favorite sign of all, and I was tempted to buy it said, “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.” I will have to incorporate this into a folk art quilt or stitchery. I think it’s so true. Good for us bad girls!

6 thoughts on “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History…”

  1. I love it Em! You see all the small primitive items in the house and in every picture I see the yellow ware and all the antique furniture. Its amazing how one eye catches one thing and another catches something completely different. Looks like everyone had fun.
    What did you go home with? :o)


  2. Hi!! I just discovered your blog and I am loving it and YOU!! I too am a buxom blond that thinks coffee is mothers milk!! Cheers!


  3. Hey Em,

    I a sorry I missed out on going on my last visit to IL. Maybe on my next visit we all can get together and go.



  4. Looks like my knid of shop. If only I lived closer. I just found your blog but have been a fan of your for a few years now. Your dolls actualy inspired my love of all things primitive.


  5. Hi!

    I live approx. 1 mi. from this shop. It is a fun place to visit for sure! I’ve purchased everything there from a shelf to a 1930’s quilt top. In the past, they have even had yard sales during the summer. What fun! Enjoyed seeing something from my home town. šŸ™‚



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