'Chocolat', Johnny Depp, Romance

Ah, "Chocolat”, it is oh, so wonderful!

I saw this movie about 6 years ago, but just recently had a ‘craving’ to see it again. My desire to see it emerged around Valentine’s Day when I was in the mood for a romantic movie.

I sat and watched this lovely film yesterday and I was completely mezmerized. I truly believe this may be one of my favorites.

I love the romantic feeling the movie has. The setting is a small town in France and it is absolutely pictureseqe. I love how Vienne comes in like a whirlwind and sets up a sweets shop right across the street from the church, which she so brazenly opens the week Lent begins, much to the chagrin of the town’s mayor (a tall, handsome French version of Mr. Big, I may admit, but with more issues). The characters, the music, the sights all delight me. I’m sorry, I can’t help myself.

Funny, while we were watching this, my hubby says, “Em you better go out to Target and get some chocolate, this stuff looks so good!”

I think this film also makes my heart happy because I have this fantasy of of opening a cupcake cafe in my town by the Metra station. Seeing her create this scenario in the movie gives me inspiration and renewed hope that maybe one day I can accomplish the same thing.

If you haven’t seen this movie, please put it on your Netflix list or grab it on your way out of the video store. You won’t be sorry. And may I tell you that Johnny Depp looks mighty fine in this as a cleaned up ‘river rat’.

I have a taste for chocolate now. Oops! Better not…read the next post.

2 thoughts on “Ah, "Chocolat”, it is oh, so wonderful!”

  1. I just rewatched that movie around Valentines day too. Its a good one! And Johnny is just as adorable as ever.


  2. I LOVE this movie…My sister was the one that suggested watching it a few years ago and I had never heard of it until then. Now, I’m hooked. I watch it whenever it’s on! I love it when she is trying to guess his favorite…hee hee..he’s such a tease! Susan


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