Some pretty things I scored today…

I stopped in TJ Maxx to pick up a backpack for #5 and I managed (oh, it wasn’t difficult!) to find some pretties for myself.

Here’s what I bagged:

One beautiful, airy spring neck scarf (oh, so French) in the most divine shade of shell pink. It has velvety polka dots on it with a satiny fringe.

A Betsy Johnson makeup bag (or is it a purse?) on clearance and a curvey gal sized pair of Levi’s with s t r e t c h. Thank heaven for a littlebittaLycra. I tried them on and they look fabulous! The jeans had a hang tag that said, “Flattens your tummy!” Now how could I resist these jeans?

2 thoughts on “Some pretty things I scored today…”

  1. Love the pretty scarfe Em…too gorgeous!! And what more could you ask of your Levis..flatten the tummy..i need a pair {or two..lol}
    Well shopped…
    luv Ann.xx


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