Scenes from the homefront….and a special birthday.

My living room and favorite place in the house.

Basket of primitive cats….
My Modigliani paintings…. (ugh…that dirty wall!)
These huge pinecones are from the California Redwoods.
These pitchers make my heart skip a beat….I love them!
Oliver, my friendliest cat-he’s so ‘bushy-bushy’.

The IKEA cubbie bookcase.
What a great Valentine’s present-France is the city of love.

Happy 10th Birthday Jeffy!

Today is my baby’s 10th birthday. Yep…#5 is now double digits. He’s as happy as can be with his big bag of Lego presents and his dragonfly birthday cake. (I picked it out and was completely smitten with that insect! It’s a good thing there weren’t any obvious ‘boy’ cakes because I would have been really torn if I couldn’t bring this one home. Wouldn’t that funny bug look great atop a delicious future cupcake?

I don’t have anything tremendously earthshaking to say tonight (but I will tomorrow, believe me-it’s brewing.), so instead, I went around and snapped some random photos of places in my home that I thought you might like to see.

The Eiffel Tower picture was a gift from my husband for Valentine’s Day. It’s huge, a whopping 6-1/2′ tall, perfect for that soaring wall in my living room…and it’s from IKEA. I’m going for a little bit of a French theme with the Eiffel Tower pictures and the romantic ‘kissing couple’ framed print above my white bookcase. Now I just need some more springtime florals and edit out those dreadfully dark matching sofa pillows.

See that white bookcase? I picked it up at the scratch ‘n dent department at IKEA-my favorite place for bargains! My theory is, if it’s cheap enough I can make it work! Inside the individual cubbies are framed vintage family photos of my kids’ granparents and uncle, and myself as a little girl.

The curio cabinet which houses my ironstone collection has a story all its own. I picked it up at a tent sale for a song. It was originally supposed to be the top of a china cabinet, but the bottom was missing so they were selling it for $30 bucks! I plopped down my money and lugged it home. The top was raw wood-unstained because it was supposed to be tall and unnoticable. So, what I did was paint a couple coats of black over it and now it looks great! This cabinet is a lovely home for my white pitchers and other ironstone and the wood just so happens to match the wood trim on my sofas.

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