I will be returning…

This last week has left me feeling raw and a bit sad. The police still haven’t found the man who killed those poor ladies in the Lane Bryant shop by my house. Last Friday, I attended the wake of Rhoda McFarland, the store manager whom I was very fond of. I feel like something has been out of kilter in the universe over these past 10 days. I’ve seen on the news shootings occuring almost daily and my two youngest kids have been a bit naughty, which leads me to believe the same mysterious planet alignment that compels bad guys (and gals) to shoot and kill innocent people has had a hand in causing the obnoxious behavior of my two boys. I have had much on my mind this week, but I feel my old self coming around and I do have some things I’d like to write about. Check back around Valentine’s Day when I will return with a happy attitude and much to say! Life does go on and despite the sadness, someone has to continue to brighten life with sunshine. It might as well be me.

Thanks for your patience and keep reading!

1 thought on “I will be returning…”

  1. Good for you for stepping back & re-grouping. You have been on my heart, not as much even as your dear friend Rhoda, (we know shes in good hands) but for those of us who are still here just thumpin thru tryin to make some sence of it all. Just feel what ya need to feel. It is what it is…until it isnt. Youll be back my friend, Your a woman of strength and spirit…no need to ask for patience…blessings, Kat


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