Quotes in my candy…

Today, as I was sharing some Italian chocolates (courtesty of Cathie…you know who you are!) with my father in law Ed, he noticed there was a little wax paper inside each neatly wrapped Buci. Since the lid of the box deemed these candies ‘romantic chocolates’, each of these little papers touted a beautiful quotation about love in four languages-Probably the Romantic languages, Italian, French, Spanish and hmmm….what’s that last one?
I managed to search the trash and rescue 3 of the little wrappers.

A kiss is a secret to behold to the mouth instead of the ear.

Love is blind to faults, friendship loves them.

We’ve spoken a lot about love. Now let’s try to listen to it, shall we?
ahhhh…I’m overwhelmed by the sound of these sweet thoughts.

It’s a shame I only noticed these paper delights just as I was finishing the very last delectable morsel of chocolate and hazelnut. I am saddened that I could have enjoyed an entire boxload of quotations on the topic of amore. Being a lover of the written word, these would have gone over quite well. Darn! Do you know what I think is one of my character flaws? I get such delight out of the dumbest things!

2 thoughts on “Quotes in my candy…”

  1. Simple delights…a character flaw?? Never! If you are taken by these quotes, be sure to read the ones inside the DOVE chocolate wrappers. How do I know about those, you ask?? Umm..I saw them once after someone else ate a piece (yea…sure I did)!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Em…



  2. These are wonderful!! I know this sounds greedy but I would buy another box of chocolates and that way I would have the other quotes. It also give me an excuse to eat more chocolate. hahaha 🙂 just kidding!! Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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