A comment on letter ‘N’ words….

I got tagged, (see two posts below this one) and I’m supposed to reveal something about me for every first letter of my middle name. I’m blessed with Ann–2 n’s.

You know what ‘N’ is for? Oh, my gosh…there are so many negative sounding words in the dictionary! Here is a few examples:

nag, naive, naked (could be negative if you’re a prude. Let’s go on.), narcissistic, narcotics, narrow-minded, NASTY, NAUGHTY, nausea, necromancy (eew…gross), nefarious, neglect, nepotism, neurotic, nincompoop, noisome & nosy and more if you look, I’m sure.

Did you ever see such a bunch of negative type words all clumped together in one spot as this poor letter of the alphabet? Just an interesting observation.

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