Thursday morning pamper session…

My new eyebrows…arched and no longer beastly.

Today I went to Ulta’s salon and had the highlights touched up in my hair. Even though I’m a natural blonde, I like to ‘kick it up a notch’ for a more sun-kissed look. Back when I was a kid, I was outside all the time and the sun did for me then what my wallet needs to do now.

While there, waiting for the highlights to process, (I looked like an alien from outer space with tin foil strips sticking out in all directions,) I spyed a clearance rack. I pawed through all the stuff they had and scored some terrific makeup buys for like a buck or two each. The money I saved on make up was well spent on my first eyebrow wax. It was well worth it! Girls, if you can find a place to get this done, by all means do it. My brows look great for the first time in my life!

Oh…Sarah Jessica Parker has a new fragrance called ‘Covet’. It’s a bit stronger than ‘Lovely,‘ but pretty all the same. They are giving little spray samples out at Ulta…so, I may have to run back tomorrow and ask, er, plead for another!

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