What’s up with my eyes?

I just came back from the post office from mailing my paper bag books. When left the house to go there, I noticed things seemed more blurry than before (yesterday). Not exactly blurry, but let’s say it was a strain to see anything written. As I drove, it was very difficult to read the license plates on the cars in front of me and the street signs unless I was almost upon them. Scary! Not only that, my eyes feel itchy and dried out. I mentioned my sudden optical dilemma to the clerk at the Post office and she said allergies will do that. I don’t think I have allergies, but I read they can appear anytime in life. Wow!

I happened to have some Allegra samples in my cupboard, so when I got home I popped one, hoping it will help. If not, I’m off to the eye doctor for a new prescription. Does this make me feel old. If I do need glasses, I’m going to get contacts and a hip pair of black frames with rhinestones! Very RETRO. Very ME.

Okay people, I’m off to lie on the sofa till the Allegra works its magic.
Will write again soon–if I can see to type!

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