Kissing…Is there anything better?

As I sit here typing, I am listening to love songs on my computer. If you go down the song list on this page, you’ll get an idea of what I’m hearing right now. I don’t know about you, but when I listen to sexy love songs, I can’t help but get in the mood. I can only guess, but love songs do for me what porn must do for most men. Vava vooom–I’m in the mood. Most of the time, the entire act of love making is not what I’m day dreaming about. Usually, when amore is on my mind, my thoughts tend to drift towards baciarsi (Italian -“to touch lips”) with a handsome man.

Are any of you like this–a kissing fantasizer? I’m sure most of us, when we fantasize, have the obvious ‘wild thing’ in mind, but for me, kissing a man is the ultimate in daydreaming. (Okay, okay, I know I’m married…don’t get excited…I’m fantasizing here!) I mean, did you ever see someone you were immediately attracted to and think to yourself…omg…I would love to kiss that guy!! (of course you won’t actually kiss him, but there’s always the very tempting thought!) See Mr. Big down there kissing Carrie Bradshaw? He is the one man who’s been clogging my brain with fantasy thoughts of making out. He’s just so sexy the way he tips his head and closes his eyes while he kisses. Chris Noth is definately a man I’d like to have all to myself someday. If I had one wish…

I wonder if Sarah Jessica Parker can honestly say his on screen kisses were better than her husband’s? I suppose we’ll never know. However, my gut instinct tells me Matthew Brodderick just doesn’t measure up in the smooching department. But who am I to say, he isn’t my husband.

By the way, my husband is an excellent kisser…just the kind I like. I remember when we were teenagers we’d spend hours making out…the kissing was so hot.There is a problem now, though. My better half has decided to become addicted to pipe and cigar smoking. He is a chain smoker and he just doesn’t seem to care that his brown teeth and ashtray breath have taken a toll on my desire to cuddle with him and kiss. It’s a turn off to kiss someone with cigar breath. I guess after 23 years of marriage the kisses do begin waning…it is sad.

Is there anything on earth better than kissing someone for the first time? The moment when you finally smooch someone you’ve wanted for so long , surrendering to them with a deep, long, juicy, nothing-like-the-first-one passionate kiss is, in my opinion, one of lifes simple pleasures. It’s like heaven, isn’t it? For some, however, it can be like hell. My friend Laura and I both agree that a first kiss can definately make or break a fledgling relationship. Before I was married, I dated a few other guys. I have experienced The Bad Kiss that took me from 10-0 in about 3 seconds on the desire scale. Laura is very honest when she tells me– if a guy is a bad kisser, that’s it–he’s done. There really isn’t any recovering from a bad kiss. It’s like a balloon that’s been deflated.

It’s true. You only get one first kiss with each new person. It’s quite obvious, I know, but for that reason alone, it’s very important to make your first kiss a memorable one. You’ll never get another one. That initial smooch can either send you to the the moon or spiraling down a very bumpy hill.

If you’d like some tips on becoming a better kisser, jump over to Amazon.com and search for, The Art of Kissing by William Kane. It describes all kinds of juicy tips and techniques worth trying. It’s quite an entertaining book! Get your hands on it, read up and educate yourself in the art of love. Then wait for a rainy, stormy night and kiss the night away with exciting new ways of turning your lover on via the kiss. Pucker up! Kiss your husband, wife or lover. There’s nothing better than being wrapped up in someone’s arms and passionately kissing. May your days always find you in a lip lock with the object of your desires. Caio!

1 thought on “Kissing…Is there anything better?”

  1. I fantasized about kissing our ol’ bud J himself from the first day I met him. We were at a party playing spin the bottle and I kept wishing it would land so I could kiss him. When they asked if anyone didn’t kiss both he nor I answered. We just looked at eachother and blushed. Later that fateful night we had an adult escort home so strike two with the kiss. Thanks to you my dear friend, you made that kiss possible a couple years later and still to this day I wish I could still kiss him. The power of longing for a kiss to that certain person stays with you forever.


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