My Pinup Girl…

Okay, after last night’s novella…I thought I’d make a simple, short post this evening. I know many of you may be wondering what is with these vintage pinup gals? Well, here’s the straight dope on why these ladies grace my blog page. Although I don’t look as thin as these beauties, deep inside, I feel like a pinup girl. Friends, my 40’s experience has left me feeling sexier, smarter, wiser and more confident than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. These girls represent how good I feel inside and out. Maybe someday, after a year or so at the gym, I will be as shapely as these ladies. But until then, I’ll be a curvier version of them. Ah, what the heck…there’s plenty of sexy men who prefer a larger lady. I’ll take those men any day.

See that pinup girl up there with her back to you? Well, that’s me. So glad you stopped by!

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