Redecorating again…I know, I know!

Well, what can I say…it’s in my blood. I don’t like to stick with the same stuff all the time. I rearrange my furniture, rebuy dishes in new colors as the old ones crack and chip and put new banners and colors up on my blog on a monthly basis. I do it because it’s fun and keeps things interesting. It may also be the artist in me that is just never satisfied and always looking for something new and refreshing to display.

I came upon these pinup girl graphics a while ago, and I really love them! They are the perfect size for making banners. My daughter, the queen of myspace and html, effortlessly displayed her html skills to me when I asked her to help me put a tiled background on my blog. Oh, what a new world has been opened to me now! Folks, you will never get bored of Blond & Blithe!

I sometimes feel glamourous just like one of these pinup gals. I know I don’t look like one (in the body size) but I sure feel like one inside. Does that count for anything?


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