Checking in from the North Woods….

Well, folks, I’m here. It’s day 3 and much to my surprise, I’m having a pretty good time. The weather is incredibly pleasant–a perfect upper 70 degree weekend with low 50’s at night, which makes for very comfortable sleeping.

Yesterday, while beachside, I spent a few hours talking to a guy friend of mine, who’s been in my life since I was 12. I had a heart to heart conversation with him, gently probing him to discuss his unhappy marriage. I got him to finally open up to me and he now knows I am on his side. His wife and I do not get a long at all….and because of the rift in our relationship, his family and ours rarely see eachother with the exceptionn of this yearly vacation we both take at the same place during same week. Our conversation brought us closer then we’ve been in years and I now think we realizes he can confide in me if he needs to. I don’t think men talk about their domestic troubles much. I don’t understand why, but guys just don’t do that. That’s where I come in. Being a woman, he can talk to me. I’m not a big adovcate of divorce, but this guy needs to wait another 3 years and leave his wife. Life is much too short to waste a good portion of time with people who are toxic and do not bring out the best in us. Most of all, we all need love and affection. Love, sex and affection make life so much sweeter. What I hope is that he finds someone else he can grow old with, who will be crazy about him and give him the love he deserves. He is visibly unhappy and his health is challenging him. I know it stems from marital discontent to the worst degree.

Just prior to leaving on Saturday, I stopped at my library and took out Lolita to read while I’m sitting around the beach being lazy. I started it and got to the 35th page and I’m having a hard time keeping myself interested in this story. I read all kinds of reviews that this is a tour de force, but, gosh, I just don’t see it. Does this mean I am a literary moron? If I dont’ see what all the accolades are referring to does that make me wrong, or am I seriously missing something? If any of you have read Lolita by Vladimir Nobokov, please let me know what you thought of it–and if you finished it.

My days here are laid back, lazy and enjoyable. Gosh, what was I bitching about in my last post? I’ve planned meals that are simple and delicious, requiring little work. I even had my daughter and her friend make supper last night. They whipped up spaghetti with meat sauce and it was delicious. Maybe dinners just taste better when someone else cooks.

Every year while I’m up here the urge hits me. I want a cottage by a lake. I have wanted one of these for so long! I’d love to have a little cottage, simple and sparce with a big porch facing a body of water with a dock, croaking frogs and a little row boat. What a blissful fantasy I keep in this blond head of mine. There are so many of those little houses–and some big ones up here and it is got me jonesing for something I totally can’t afford. Ah, maybe in a decade or so, when my kids are grown, I’ll sell my house in this Chicago suburb and trade it in for a little ‘Love Shack’ on a lake. I’ll keep you all posted.

From my experience here in the woody bosom of Wisconsin, I think I can honestly say, life is what you make it. I’ve kept a positive attitude and it is working out so pleasantly. Now, to search for that perfect little abode that I can plunk some greenbacks on in about 10 years….

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