Feeling Summery…

“Live in perpetual sunshine; in fact, be sunshine;
be the very spirit of joy.”
Christian D. Larson.

This hat belongs to a friend of mine, so I asked her if I could borrow it. I tried it on and she snapped my picture as I posed like a fashion model! The ”ooh, la la” came out in me and I felt summery, sexy and fresh. Considering I am not a hat person, I thought this chapeau actually looked pretty good!

I used to be an autumn person, but just in the last few years summer has become my favorite season. I think its because I enjoy mornings on the patio, lazy vacations and sun that sets at 9pm. As long as there’s air conditioning, summer will always be my most enjoyable time of year. Feeling good in a smashing straw hat like this one, doesn’t hurt at all, either.

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