Readying for Summer….

The weather’s balmy & I have a cascade of climatis spilling over my porch railing. I’m really getting into it. I received my patio set bought off eBay, inserted my 9′ umbrella in the hole and picked up a set of seat cushions for the new chairs. The patio is clean and I’m ready. Today, as I was driving past Home Depot on the way home from dropping the boys off at school, I spotted the colorful rows of marigolds and zinnias on racks outside the store. Within seconds ‘the fever’ started. I had to get myself some! So, I pulled in, lured by floral forces unknown. In I walked, seemingly on autopilot, directly towards the greenhouse. I’m excited at the thought of taking something, anything with a stem home. Just by luck, I found this charming cement hugging frog planter. It
is heavy–I know because I nearly took out my right boob just picking it up! I couldn’t resist it and I was pleased it was made of durable cement instead of that resin junk my kids can break with one fal swoop of their baseball bats. To top off the froggies, I discovered the perfect pot of Marguerite daisys to plant between them. I’ve already potted them and they are sitting in front of my patio window where I can enjoy them from inside and out. Cosmo the Cat seems to like them, too. Can you see him?
Now to get an icepack on that right boob….

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